"I have quite a bit of lower back and shoulder pain.  I feel very stiff and can always tell when it’s been awhile and time for another massage.  After my massages I feel stretched out with less pain and stiffness.  Always feels great!"
-Lori C.

“I was in constant pain.  Some days just getting supper on the table was a major chore.  I used to go for massages before Rob, but was never able to find a therapist who identified and treated my problem areas effectively.  Weekly massages keep me working and living my life as actively as I chose to live it.  Rob uses a combination of massage and stretching that is so beneficial to someone like myself living with chronic pain.  I am so glad I found Rob!"
-Kari D.

Berlin, CT  

“My left shoulder would always have a knot underneath it.  At times the muscle that ran from my shoulder up into my neck would hurt so much I would get headaches.  After seeing Rob, the muscle is more relaxed and I have less headaches.  I am able to move my shoulder and neck more freely.  I also have a sense of relief."​
-Jon L.

“My right side down my leg often ached especially when I would lie on that side.  I felt much better immediately after my massage and for a week or so after.  The ache has returned which means to me that a chiropractic adjustment is in order.  The whole experience was relaxing and therapeutic!”​
Cheryl P.

“I was having problems sleeping with neck and shoulder pain.  My body was stressed out tight.  By coming here to see Rob, my stress levels is down and by massaging my neck and shoulder area, as well as my whole body, I feel wonderful.  Now I can sleep through the night."​
-Dan M.

“Before I came to see Rob, I felt good but had the minor aches and pains from day to day activity.  My hips would lock up and get tight.  I just thought this was my body feeling its normal stress.  My hip has not locked up in over a month since seeing Rob and I feel much better in all areas of my body as well.  Rob has fixed things that I had come to think of as “normal pain”.  Thank you Rob!"​
-Amy D.

Certified Licensed Massage Therapist


“I had tension knots and burning in my shoulder area and after the massage the burning is gone and my back feels so much better.”​
-Gail P.

“Before having a massage I had very tight neck muscles pulling up through the back of my head.  It amazed me how much more neck movement I was able to feel during and after the massage.  It was very relaxing.  I will continue to schedule more massages."​
-Jeanne P.

Touch of  Paradise

      Massage Therapy

“Before I had tight, painful trap muscles causing a “banging” headache at the base of my skull and temple area.  My limited neck movement made it difficult to drive.  Within the first fifteen minutes of my massage, my headache was gone and my range of motion improved tremendously.  Rob advised me to keep very hydrated throughout the day to help eliminate the toxins – by day’s end I was my happy self again, rested, relaxed, energetic and pain free!”​
-Donna M.

What Rob’s massage clients are saying:

“In October, I was experiencing intense pain and headaches where my neck meets my skull with shooting pain into my left arm.  Rob had been coming to my workplace for a couple of years and I was in so much pain I have Rob a shot.  He spent 20 minutes working on me.  After spending 6 weeks in pain ad eating pain killers, two days later the pain was finally gone and I have no headaches.  I pulled my back out on November 15th, a few weeks after seeing Rob.  I didn't have to think twice before I made an appointment to see him.  Leaving his office now, I feel 70 percent better and expect even more over the next couple days- Highly recommended."
-Kent P.

Rob Palaski, CLMT